Elaine Rodriguez, RDH

Elaine has nearly 15 years of experience in the dental industry.  She has front and back office experience in different settings, which includes the areas of public health, corporate and private practice.  Early on, she developed a particular interest for the use of diode lasers in clinical practice.  She was determined to obtain higher learning in advanced laser applications from all major institutions throughout the United States, including The World Clinical Laser Institute, The Academy of Laser Dentistry and Advanced Laser Training Institute.  She has obtained 3 Associate Fellowships from the World Clinical Laser Institute.  She is also one of less than 20 hygienists nationally to have achieved Advanced Proficiency II status in diode lasers from the Academy of Laser Dentistry.  Elaine also works with local laser representatives to help educate the dental public on the clinical benefits of laser-assisted periodontal therapies.  Further, Elaine has undergone specialized training in the areas of practice management and hygiene production through The Team Training Institute’s Diamonds in Hygiene, as well as Quantum Leap.  Elaine works clinically using an advanced hygiene model 4 days per week, which contributes upwards of $250,000 in annual production. She enjoys volunteering her time to talk with students about alternative careers in dental hygiene and strives to encourage them to pursue leadership roles that advance our profession. She is an active member of the Academy of General Dentistry, where she is recognized as an approved national continuing education course provider, specializing in laser certification and implementation strategies.  Prior to dental hygiene, she was a personal trainer, with special interest in overall health and wellness.  She founded Dental Hygiene Integrations in hopes to motivate dental professionals to practice to their full potential.

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