Train the Team



Level II:  Laser Integration & Safety Training

You will be amazed by your lasers ability to take your office to a new level of success and patient satisfaction!  Your laser can prove to be a very lucrative investment with the proper protocols in place.  Our laser certification courses are considered to be Level I education, meant to ensure your clinician(s) can safely and effectively operate the technology.  To maximize your lasers full potential, we recommend you have the entire staff trained.  We are pleased to offer in-office training sessions that will provide Level II integrative laser education.

Implementation Objectives:

  • Review of signs, symptoms, and stages of periodontal disease
  • Review of risk assessment and verbiage to aide in patient acceptance
  • In-depth coverage of dental and dental aesthetic procedures (Erbiums & Diodes)
  • In-depth coverage of hygiene procedures customized to state practice rules and laws (Diode)
  • Insurance considerations and establishment of fees for all dental and hygiene procedures
  • Coding, fees, and treatment planning specific for procedures
  • Procedures, parameters, and desired tissue-interaction
  • Review of hands-on techniques
  • Laser safety, OSHA standards, regulations & forms
  • Social media and internet marketing strategies

Continuing education credits and learning materials will be provided.  This session is ideal for those who have attended one of our Level I laser certification courses and wish to take a team approach to improving standards of care and increase production.   This course can be customized to meet the needs of your individual practice philosophies. Minimum 6-hour sessions are required for booking.


Laser Safety Training Only

  • covers all aspects of safety for class V laser devices
  • set up office protocols
  • establish safety zones and parameters

Ideal for any practice who would like an update in state standards, who would like to have all team members trained on proper safety protocols and standards.

Requires a minimum 1-hour session for booking