Viva Voce

“Dentistry is a beautiful mixture of art and science.  I feel that each dentist and hygienist is unique and special in their own way.  We are all different; yet we share a common goal.  Having the technologies and materials available to us today and how we all strive to achieve that common goal, is what fascinates me.  This is what our Dental Hygiene Culture is made of!

Practice with purpose:  May we never lose passion for our work and be mindful of our own health and wellness throughout our career.  Practice to prevent:  May we empower, educate and motivate our patients, so that they have an understanding of the oral-systemic link, that will lead them to be more proactive in their oral health. Practice to produce:  May we know our true worth and practice to our full potential, so that we will always be viewed as an invaluable asset, and ultimately irreplaceable by the contributions we provide to our patients and our team.

May we all continue to grow and learn both with, and from one another”